Futuristicraft Rules

1. Extreme disrespecting/toxic to other players is not tollerated. (Including racism.)
2. Any use of client modifications not specified on the allowed mods list are stictly prohibited.
3. Teaming with cheaters is not tollerated.
4. Spamming in CAPS or not is not tollerated.
5. Linking anything in the chat that is now allowed by our filter is strictly prohibited.
6. Do not encourage other players to partake in breaking the rules.
7. Impersonating our staff or other players is not tolerated.
8. Follow any given direction by our staff members.
9. You may not use any bots on our server.
10. If you break the rules punishments will be given on all accounts associated with you.
11. DDOS/DOS threatening is not tolerated.
12. Leaking players infomation is not tolerated.
13. Advertising other servers in global chat is not tolerated.
14. Offensive usernames are not tolerated.
15. Publically accusing other player is not tolerated.
16. Asking a staff member to read an application is not tolerated.
17. AFK spamming is strictly prohibited.

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